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We seek out therapy when we are looking for a change. It might be that coping which once worked no longer does, that there is a new stressor in our life, or that an old wound is still impacting us. Therapy can be helpful in getting unstuck when we are struggling to envision the next step forward. As a trauma-informed therapist, I approach my work with the belief that compassion, trust, and authenticity are fundamental for positive change. I believe every person’s path in life is unique, thus every person is the expert of their own experience.

I have worked with adolescence and adults on issues of pertaining to trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships. I integrate strength-based and cognitive behavioral approaches into my client-centered philosophy. I view therapy as a collaborative process, where we'll work together to outline goals, needs and a path forward.

I am passionate about reducing suffering and improving well-being. I will provide education related to your concerns and offer a safe, inclusive space to explore your challenges, consider new solutions, and learn new skills. I look forward to further discussing how my approach can apply to your needs for growth and healing.


Trauma and PTSD

Sexual Abuse


Trauma informed therapy to address childhood and adult trauma, chronic and acute. 

Therapy to lead healing from sexual trauma and abuse.

Learning coping skills, practicing relaxation techniques, and counseling around the root causes of anxiety.

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