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Bellevue Counseling couples therapists are heavily influenced by Dr. John Gottman. Conflicts are inevitable - lasting relationships manage conflicts effectively. Through teaching tangible skills and creating a space of connection, our team helps you and your partner build or re-build a relationship foundation of gratitude, love, passion, and mutual respect.



Dr. John Gottman originally studied at the University of Washington. Through a series of experiments in his famous Love Lab, he identified crucial factors in successful relationships. By carefully measuring the presence or absence of certain behaviors, Gottman could accurately predict the success or failure of a relationship with 90% accuracy. This groundbreaking figure has led him to be one of the most renowned couples therapist and teacher in the world of relationship psychology.

Emotionally-Focused Therapy & Attachment Theory

Dr. Sue Johnson is another couples therapy guru. She applied attachment-based theory to couples work to ultimately create Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT helps individuals disarm their secondary emotions, like anger, and access softer primary emotions so that conversations can shift from defensive to connective. EFT artfully maps toxic communication cycles to uncover what’s happening under the surface.


We highly recommend reading Dr. Sue Johnson's books Love Sense or Hold Me Tight.

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