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Sierra Beckers


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1400 114th Ave. SE, Suite 100

Bellevue, WA 98004

15446 Bel-Red Rd., Suite 401

Redmond, WA 98052

About the therapist

My ideal client knows they are suffering but may not know why. They know they need help but may not know what that will look like. They are an active participant in their own recovery and recognize that "active" can look different and feel different week to week. They are open to building trust, hearing feedback and ready to engage and be challenged.


It is my priority to help you feel comfortable, supported, and heard. I have 10 years experience of treating a wide range of severe diagnoses, from major depression and anxiety to relationship stress and communication. I focus primarily on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy while integrating a variety of other approaches to fit each individual's unique needs. I encourage empowerment, action and movement toward your values. I work from a person-centered perspective, which means that regardless of where you are in this process, I will meet you there with acceptance. I believe that having an unbiased person to work beside you as you explore your own thoughts and feelings can lead you to place of better self-acceptance.



Trauma & PTSD 

Couples Therapy


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