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Abbey B.

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Abbey Bankaitis Self Esteem Therapy

Living a human life is inherently difficult, especially when trying to learn to navigate it on your own. It is important that individuals in our community and around the world feel connected to others that genuinely care about their wellbeing. That is where I come in. I work to make sure that each client feels supported, heard, and accepted in the counseling room. Compassion, empathy, and kindness are the cornerstones to my style of therapy, which focuses on one’s inner self-critic, their inner-compassionate self, shame and guilt, and emotion and thought work.

I specialize in working with individuals (14+ years) that experience an overwhelming amount of negative self-talk and experience low self-confidence. Additionally, individuals that suffer from anxiety and depression, individuals that have been a victim of sexual assault, and/or individuals that have experienced a major life change and are struggling to cope.

It is my goal as a therapist to help my clients build up their self-worth, feel love and compassion for themselves and others, and to regain a sense of agency and control over their tricky thoughts and emotions.


Anxiety and Depression



Guidance and support to individuals grappling with generalized and specialized anxiety, with a focus on evidence-based techniques combined with empathetic care.

Empowerment and encouragement for individuals striving to boost their self-esteem,  guidance to nurture a strong and positive self-image.

Effective strategies and unwavering support for individuals seeking relief from the burdens of stress, regain balance, build resilience, and find lasting tranquility in the face of life's challenges.

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