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Alexandra Grigore






1400 114th Ave. SE, Suite 100

Bellevue, WA 98004

About the therapist

My approach in therapy is built on person-centered, trauma-informed roots. I have a specialty in working with eating disorders and disordered eating, body image concerns, anxiety, perfectionism, and tendencies of overcontrol. I work from a social justice perspective and a place of cultural humility with my clients. I honor the importance of trust, rapport, authenticity, openness and safety in my collaboration with folks whom I am fortunate enough to work.


My work as a therapist, rooted in evidenced-based theory, is adapted to what ts best for the client. In partnering with my clients, I may bring in tools from a self-compassion framework, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, DBT and/or CBT models. Unhelpful behaviors can sometimes be the brain’s attempt to veil the injustices a person has faced, by using the eating disorder voice to perpetuate guilt or shame. I hold space for clients to explore how trauma might influence how they view themselves, the ways in which they experience and relate to their body, and the ways in which they relate to and navigate this world.


I help individuals explore the messaging they may have received from systemic influences, and the messages clients tell themselves. I believe in an individual’s strength, creativity, resourcefulness, and capacity to take ownership of their life. Clients might experience anxiety around discord between their self-perception and experiences with others. I want to provide a safe and trusting space for clients to strengthen their self-concepts, to cultivate a self-compassion practice and habit of radical self-love as a path to discover and appreciate their inherent worth.


Eating Disorders


Grief and Depression

Helping individuals overcomes a wide range of eating disorder diagnoses.

Coaching those who struggle with anxiety to activate the relaxation response in the body when in fight or flight, while uncovering deeper roots to the presenting anxiety.

Helping clients rediscover meaning and motivation, process deep wounds, and move towards a life worth living. 

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