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Bellevue Counseling

We strive to see and hear you fully. Our agenda is to help you turn down the noise and tune into your heartbeat. We want to walk alongside you as you reach the highest potential of your being. We work to dive into the meaning of your life, deliver clarity and calm to your mind, nurture greater self-efficacy, support development of your relationships, and help you create a life worth living.

Core Values

Compassion: To impart peace, comfort, kindness, and love to all.

Acceptance: To non-judgmentally meet you where you are, without bias or preconception.

Integrity: To demonstrate honesty, follow-through, and ethical commitment to your mental health. 

Respect: To honor your sovereignty, recognize your inherent worth, and maintain regard for your feelings, wishes, rights, and autonomy

Multicultural Awareness: To celebrate diversity and embrace your personal heritage, cultural influences, and background.

Mindfulness: To practice presence and awareness.

Authenticity: To embody our realist self as we share our humanity through the gift of therapy.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to give the gift of liberty to the many imprisoned by the darkness that finds it's way into the mind. We are light bearers and guides to peace, love, and wholesome living. We aim to strengthen all those around us against the things that would do us harm. 

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