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Daniel A. Arteaga

CEO, Owner, LMFT, MS





15446 Bel-Red Rd., Suite 401

Redmond, WA 98052

Daniel Arteage Owner and Founder of Bellevue Counseling


In therapy with me, you can expect to be treated with unconditional positive regard, curiosity, openness, and respect. I stand out from most therapists with my ability to leave my agenda at the door and direct all my resources to listening to you. We’ll work together to stay grounded in the present moment, a skill that is especially crucial when navigating intense psychic injuries. Good therapy works to empower you in raising your sense of self-worth and confidence. My clinical background includes working with individuals, couples, and families, with a specialization in trauma and relationships. On the weekends when I’m not working I love to go ballroom dancing!

The therapy room exists as a space for clients to open the door to self-discovery. To heal what needs to be healed. To mend relationships. You are allowed to simply be without fear of judgment or expectation. When we arrive at our truth is when we approach our fullest potential. A life worth living.

Are you ready to start the healing?

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